Jiu Jitsu

Here at Leeds Kodokan we specialise in the Japanese martial art of Jiu-Jitsu. There are many variations of Jiu-Jitsu practices all across the world, here at LK we offer a unique training experience, taught by expert veterans, in a unique variety of ways.

The original use for this combat martial art was used by Japanese samurai as a last form of defence against armed and armoured opponents. Our training in martial arts uses similar and exact replications of techniques used by the samurai themselves in the early 17th century. The focus of Jiu-Jitsu revolves less on striking your opponent and relies heavily upon throwing, immobilising, joint locks and chokes.

As shown in the slides below, we have trained with expert martial artist Terry Wingrove. A 9th Dan in Jiu-Jitsu who has travelled to our club in order to teach the simplicity and gentleness required to immobilise even the largest of opponents. LK will train you to identify areas of weakness that are all over the body, known as pressure points. Jiu-Jitsu loosely translates to “gentle technique,” which summarises our teachings very simply, as learning Jiu-Jitsu will prove no matter height, size or disability, you can defend yourself much easier than first perceived.

As you will be made aware, throwing becomes a large part of our self defence training. As a result of this we will train you in mastering break-falls. These methods of safely falling to the ground and protecting your body have proven many times to have prevented serious injury in the real world. Here in the Dojo there is next to no risk at all of injury when falling, as the mat is soft and shock absorbent.

The classes cost £5.00 per lesson , we do also offer a standing order method of payment.  If you’re seeking out your first lesson feel free to simply come along to our Dojo and watch, or even pay for your lesson and start right then. Wearing a traditional Japanese Gi (the white robes seen below) is not necessary for training, however we do recommend wearing clothes of loose fitting.


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